From Heiress to Mum by Therese Beharrie


I really struggled with this book, it sounded so positive in the reviews but it turned out to really be not for me

The story starts with Hunter knocking on his ex girlfriends, Autumn, door in the middle of the night to confess that he has had a baby with another woman. Part of the reason he broke up with Autumn was because he didn’t want a family making this very difficult for her.

They seem to have settled into some kind of “friendship” but I personally found it to be more Hunter needing Autumn and being unable to let her go. Hunter is very self centred and puts himself and his needs above anyone else’s. It took me at least 11 chapters to actually warm to Hunter as a character and by that point I was getting annoyed with Autumn!

They both kept things so bottled up that it made them very difficult people to connect with for me, party because they made me look into myself a lot which isn’t easy. I think my favourite character was Eli, the baby!

This book would be good for you if you enjoy a lot of emotions, personal dramas and dynamics. It isn’t “traditional” for the True Love style of relatively safe stories thanks to its heavy emotions for each of the characters but it can still capture the reader. I would love to read more of Therese’s work as I’m sure my perfect book from her is out there

AM 🐾 x

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