Wedding Night Reunion in Greece by Annie West


Love love love!

This has to be one of the best books that I have read for a while and from the beginning it made me smile

Christo married Emma for convenience thinking she would be a “gentle and sensible homebody” who would be able to look after his niece. Emma overhears him telling his friend this and heartbroken decides to run away on her wedding day with the help of her best friend. She escapes to her families villa in Corfu to start to plan for her new life which includes a divorce from Christo.

Christo follows Emma to Corfu only to learn that his sweet biddable wife is far from what he expected, Emma has fire, passion and determination and isn’t afraid to argue with Christo, something he isn’t used to

Emma becomes more likeable as the story develops and Christo has unexpected depths which are revealed via Emma talking to him leading to Christo looking inside himself

I liked the relatively even split of the story from Emma and Christo’s point of view, it helps me to warm to the characters and makes it flow better in my opinion. One persons point of view throughout the whole story has led me to get really annoyed with characters previously…

This book is light hearted but with more serious undertones and it made me want to keep reading (even if I ended up staying up half the night and that doesn’t happen very often!)

AM 🐾 x

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