200 Harley Street: Girl from the Red Carpet by Scarlet Wilson


I am a sucker for a medical romance so this book had high hopes from the beginning from me which it lived up to

Head of PR for the exclusive Hunter Clinic, Lexi, has been tasked with getting more clients to the clinic so they can expand their charitable efforts and Lexi has her eyes set on one particular surgeon, Iain, to star in he campaign

Only problem is that Iain has been hurt in the past and finds Lexi a bit to attractive to want to work with her but she manages to talk him round

Lexi is very beautiful and stylish but she is also a deep and thoughtful character who doesn’t seem it obviously to begin with but who develops hugely as the story goes on however she has a secret, one that could destroy anything between her and Iain

I found myself enthralled by Scarlets writing and I will admit to having drained the battery in my kindle, not realising how low it was because I was so pulled into the story

This book has a lot of drama, both medical and personal, but it is written together well so it flows, so it’s people who enjoy that who I would recommend this book to

AM 🐾 x

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