BPD and Me – Spider Diagrams

You may know already that I have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) which is a serious mental health condition when I experience intense emotions, fear of abandonment and a multitude of other issues

Well, I have been on a group therapy programme so far and that helped me meet others with BPD which was nice. It’s validating to know that you are not the only one and that others are finding things as hard as you are

I think one of the best things I got out of that group therapy class was relaxation techniques and a realisation that I actually quite enjoy doing art, although I seem to be more abstract that anything else! (I’ll look at this in a later blog post)

My current therapist is an amazing lady who has helped me an awful lot, she was one of the leaders in the group and has been able to assist me in going through some of the things we covered in more detail and making me understand it better (it was a 20 week course all at one go so very full on)

We were encouraged to do something called an emotional intensity continum where you write about an incident and then rate you various emotions, thoughts, feelings actions and filters (the rose tinted glasses were we all see the world differently, you will have some of your own without realising) and put them into a worksheet with 5 columns. I’ve got to be honest, this really wasn’t for me. I struggled to get everything out, work out how it was linked and where it should go on the worksheet, so my therapist came up with a fantastic idea and suggested I mind map/spider diagram the issue so I could get it out of my head and written down, this could then be developed to show more linkages with thoughts and even a way to solve the problem/come up with coping strategies

Reader this was a moment of breakthrough and it is the best way I can get my thoughts out and sorted. It gives me time to think and work things out. It even helped me figure out the route of all the issues that were causing the extreme emotions for that event (not what I originally though but issues behind that)

I know you as a reader probably don’t have BPD but can I suggest to you that maybe something like mind mapping might be useful to you when you are anticipating a stressful situation or are already in one as a way to get your thoughts out and to give your mind a rest? Once you start to write, the emotions, thoughts, feelings and action urges can come out and you can figure a solution out that can help you

Think about it, even if not now then maybe sometime in the future

AM 🐾 x

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