The Secret Heir of Alazar by Kate Hewitt


Gracie meets Malik at a party in Rome, the both feel an instant connection and end up spending the night together

10 years later after an illness, Malik discovers he’s infertile. His grandfather, the Sultan, drops a bombshell on Malik, when he was with Gracie in Rome she became pregnant

Malik decides that Gracie and their son, Sam, must come to Alazar and he and Gracie must marry to legitimise Sam so he can inherit the throne

Problems occur as Malik grandfather has drilled into him that love is destructive and should be avoided

Personally I struggled with this book and engaging with the characters. Malik doesn’t seem to think by himself and his grandfathers influence overshadows his feelings and behaviours towards Gracie. Gracie also annoyed me a bit, she seemed quite self centred and seems to prioritise herself over her sons wellbeing, maybe not deliberately but that is what I personally perceived

This story has a confusing family dynamic and main characters who I couldn’t gel with, however the story did flow and have a few surprises along the way!

AM 🐾 x

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