Cinderella and the Duke by Janice Preston,


Rosalind took her sister from her guardian who was going to force her into marriage to settle his gambling debts. Thing is her sister, Nell, is due to come out to society in London. Having taken Nell, Rosalind and he brother Freddie ask their aunt to supervise Nell’s season but the secret that they took Nell must never come out

Rosalind and Freddie go into hiding on the estate on one of their stepfathers friends and it is there, whilst out walking their dog that Rosalind meets Leo. They are both in disguise, Rosalind as a widow and Leo as a Mr, knowing that as a a Duke matchmaking mamas will be hunting for him.

They form an instant connection which is suddenly ended when Leo has to go back to London, not telling Rosalind that he is going

The aunt that Rosalind had entrusted Nell to breaks her leg and Rosalind and Freddie must go to London to chaperone Nell. Rosalind gets the shock of her life when she finds out Leo is a duke

Can society and various dramas come in the way of true love?

I really enjoyed this story, it’s fast paced and kept me interested. I loved Leo and Rosalind with their romance being against the odds but still there is something that draws them together. I would definitely read this book again and that only happens to ones I really enjoyed!

Fans of historical romance will love this book as will those who enjoy a story of people beating the odds to be together

AM 🐾 x

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