The Good, the Bad and The Wild by Heidi Rice


Nick is a successful Hollywood script writer and Eva is a genealogical researcher and so the story begins!

Eva travels to San Francisco with the aim of meeting Nick, who has been avoiding her attempts to get hold of him, so she can tell him he is the lost grandson of an Italian Duc

Sparks fly between them before Nick realises fully who Eva is and what she wants from him, when he does find out he is furious and sends her away, telling her company that he won’t sign with them to be found as the heir (UK readers think the BBC programme “Heir Hunters”)

Nick misses Eva more that he realises and works out a way to spend more time with her to get her out of his system, but will it work?

I quite enjoyed this book, I wasn’t surprised with anything and I enjoyed seeing Eva develop throughout the story to become her real self, the person she was never brave enough to be, and Nick to realise what has been bottled up inside him affecting his life in ways he didn’t realise

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story with a fight and characters who have to work through their own issues

AM 🐾 x

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