Secret Things and Highland Flings by Tracy Corbett


A story full of secrets and lies

An emotional rollercoaster where I don’t think a single one of the main characters didn’t have a secret or something they were trying to hide!

Based between an art gallery in Windsor and a castle in the Scottish highlands the story follows 2 families and the troubles that they are facing, both believing that the other will be their salvation

Lexi owns her own gallery in Windsor but has major money problems due to her lying, cheating ex-husband being a conman leaving her bankrupt. She is commissioned by the Wentworth family in Scotland to look at various works of art at their estate with the aim of selling them. For Lexi, this could mean a sizeable commission which could save her from her financial woes. However could Lexi’s secret come out and ruin everything she has worked for?

Olly is an Earl (but doesn’t at all look like what Lexi thinks an Earl should look like) and as part of the Wentworth family he is aware of their financial situation but like Lexi he has a secret one that could cause a major scandal and bring about a legal case against the family they can little afford

As Lexi travels to Scotland, her and Olly become close but will their secrets destroy any hope for anything more between them?

To make matters more interesting both Lexi and Olly have sisters with secrets of their own to throw into the mix making the story more dramatic but this makes the characters feel real and more relatable as at least 2 of the secrets will strike a chord in quite a few peoples lives

I really enjoyed this book with a lot of it making me smile from the beginning to the end!

I would definitely recommend this amazing story

AM 🐾 x

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