A Debutante in Disguise by Eleanor Webster


Absolutely amazing, love love love!

Letty isn’t the debutante her mother dreams of, she is more interested in books and science to want to get married to a suitable gentleman but she has a secret, Letty is a doctor…

Her love of science doesn’t stop and she works with her brother to secretly apply to medical school. She applies under his name and gets an interview! Obviously she can’t practice and attend school as her brother so enter Dr Hatfield, Letty’s alias, the only way she can practice medicine; the profession being off limits to women at the time

Hidden in the countryside she is able to practice as Dr Hatfield and her patients don’t realise who she really is until Lord Anthony (Tony) Ashcroft comes storming into her world

Letty originally met Tony in London at her come out ball but since then has been the battle of Waterloo and Tony was injured while his friends and relatives are killed. Physically wounded but with mental scars Tony is not coping so well at home and goes to the country with his pregnant sister

Letty and Tony meet again and sparks fly between them, he likes her directness but at the same time finds her a slightly bizarre lady “who comes to tea and stitches up the neighbours?” being one of my favourite quotes. But will Letty’s secret come out, will Tony realise that Dr Hatfield isn’t who he claims to be?

I loved this book, it showed the huge difference in time between then and now and the roles that women are now able to pursue

This is a story where a very strong heroine triumphs over the odds to get what she wants and I really enjoyed reading Letty’s story as would others who like a heroine saving the day!

AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Historical, medical, Mills and Boon, romance

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