Untamed Billionaires Innocent Bride by Caitlin Crews


This book starts similar to a fairy story, a girl dressed in red going through the forest to meet a man in a hut, but is he the big bad wolf?

Lauren has come to tell Dominick that he is the illegitimate heir and half brother to her boss, Matteo

Lauren is the perfect PA who always says yes to whatever demands her boss puts upon her, even if that means trecking through the forest to find Dominick and then being tasked to marry him and tutor him in the ways of his long lost aristocratic family so he is “presentable” in public at all the functions and events he has to attend

Lauren thinks that sex and romance is over rated and something to be avoided but when Dominick only agrees to leave the forest if she meets his demand of a kiss whenever he asks for one, both of them being more affected by their kisses than they are willing to admit, Lauren agrees. Will Dominick be able to change Lauren’s mind about sex? They both have secrets and fears but can they overcome them to be together?

I enjoyed parts of this book but struggled with others, Lauren and Dominick went through times that just didn’t feel right (walking through the forest in stilettos…) and other parts of the story

I’m really glad I was able to read this book, even if it wasn’t fully for me, and would recommend it to anyone who likes their fairytales with a bit of a twist!

AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Mills and Boon, Modern, romance

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