Any Day Now by Robyn Carr


Sierra is an alcoholic in recovery who has escaped her old life to move to the same Colorado town as her brother and ends up living in a cabin on her sister in laws fathers (Sully) campsite in return for assisting around the place

Conrad (Connie) is a firefighter who loves his job but also quite likes Sierra, although he finds her a bit scary to start with

Neither Connie or Sierra are looking for a relationship, her working to overcome her alcohol problems and move on and he out of a long term relationship where his ex cheated on him, but neither of them can deny that they have a spark. Are they willing to give it a go and see what happens though?

This story has lots of different narratives from the various characters throughout the book but once I worked out who was who and what they were talking about it made an awful lot more sense but jumping from one character to another was confusing and part of the reason I have given this book 4 stars

Sierra has various other problems which makes her feel much more relatable and like a real person who I felt I could connect with, although I think my favourite character may be Sully!

I did ultimately enjoy this book even though I had my struggles at times with it and I would recommend it to those who enjoy a multi dimensional character and seeing the views through other people’s eyes and their lives (it is a small town, so anyone with experience of those will know what it’s like!)

AM 🐾 x

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