Summer Escape with the Tycoon by Donna Alward


Molly is a divorce lawyer who is starting to get frustrated with her job of breaking things apart, especially when she sees the impact on the children of those families. When she goes to a charity fundraiser there is a silent auction with the opportunity to go on a once in a lifetime adventure trip in Canada and she is determined to bid and prove to herself that she isn’t just a stuffy lawyer, especially when she see’s Mr Mysterious also bidding; her competitive nature coming out

Our main man is Eric, a very rich business tycoon, and the person Molly is bidding against. He also has insecurities of his own, will a woman want him or just his bank balance…

Molly wins the trip but Eric is so interested in it that he buys himself one from the tour operator, kayaking with killer whales and zip lining through the rainforest, I mean who wouldn’t want to go (I will admit to be jealous that I can’t be on this trip 😍)

Through sheer coincidence Eric and Molly end up on the trip at the same time and it’s a chance for them both to rest and take time out from their work lives, even to the extent of breaking their phones to stop the temptation to have a look and see what’s going on!

Most of the tour group are couples, with Eric and Molly being the odd ones out without a partner so they end up partnering up for a lot of the activities and as they get closer the sparks begin to fly but can their romance stand the test and not just be a holiday fling?

I enjoyed parts of this book more than others, especially the descriptions of the scenery and the activities that made me feel almost a part of them and have a desire to go on an adventure holiday! I did get a bit annoyed with Molly who’s inner monologue was quite negative for a while but once she got over that I warmed to her

I would recommend this book to anyone who dreams of that once in a lifetime holiday and maybe meeting new people whilst there!

AM 🐾 x

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