His Shock Marriage in Greece by Jane Porter


It all began with a business deal, Kassiani’s father made a deal with Damen, where in return for investment in his shipping business Damen would marry his daughter. Thing is the promised daughter, the charming, detached socialite, has run away. Instead Damen ends up marrying Kassiani. He is not at all impressed that his bride was swapped at the alter

Kassiani is smart, curvaceous, not confident and not at all what Damen wanted. Determined to get an annulment Kassiani instead offers him a deal, if she can seduce him then they stay married and her fathers business is safe

Unsurprisingly this deal works and Kassiani and Damen find a burning passion between them, as well as some possible feelings

Kassiani feels a lot, if not too much, having been neglected by her father and wants to get to know Damen, who has been hurt in the past and now shuts off his emotions, believing that the only time he feels in in the bedroom

Will Kassiani break through Damens barriers and make him feel or will it tear them apart?

I struggled with this book a bit, I think it’s because I couldn’t really gel with the main characters. I did go through times when I liked Kassiani especially when she is fighting for her marriage but she fluctuated in my opinion between likeable and ‘go and do it yourself instead of waiting around’. Damen on the other hand I spent most of the book trying to find something in him as a character that didn’t get revealed until late in the story, after that I could bond with him and he became much more likeable

I did love the emotion that is shown by Kassiani in her arguments and her determination to not be a doormat, and fighting back at Damen with his various rules including not to talk about any kind of emotions. In these exchanges I was able to bond and understand a lot more about her

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy their stories with a bit of fight and drama in a beautiful setting

AM 🐾 x

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