The Rake’s Enticing Proposal by Lara Temple


Ellie is pretending to be engaged to Henry as he has recently inherited a title and he has promised to try to help her to get funds so save her family home. Henry’s aunt Ermentrude hates Ellie however and thinks he would be much better being married to one of her daughters instead

Chase is from the darker side of the family and is another one of Henry’s cousins, come to the estate due to a puzzle left to him and his brother by their very eccentric uncle Huxley

Chase encounters Ellie in a folly on the estate before he made it to the main house, it isn’t the best of first encounters but it does leave an impression on both of them!

Aunt Ermentrude is determined to keep Henry and Ellie apart so she is tasked with helping Chase sort through Huxley’s belongings where a strange bond and friendship forms between them

Huxley was an scholar who loved Egypt and when Chase realises that the answer to the puzzle may lay in Egypt he invites Ellie to come as a companion to his sister. Seeing Egypt through Ellie’s eyes gripped me and made me feel at least in part like I was there

Is Ellie and Chases bond stronger than they realise? Are they keeping things from themselves when everyone else can see what they don’t and what they think is hidden?

I loved this book and didn’t want to put it down. It was very well written and I didn’t realise how far through I was until my kindle battery died!

Chase and Ellie’s story gripped my imagination and I think a part of me enjoyed being able to hear more about the thoughts of the male character rather than the female as is so often the norm. Having that different perspective drew me in further and I got behind Chase as a character whereas I may not have done as much if the story was written differently

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves travel and history entwined with a puzzle

AM 🐾 x

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