Saved by Their One-Night Baby by Louisa George


Claire is living in the moment and escaping from her family and her old life. She is going to run away to sea! The night before she goes she meets Ethan in the hotel bar and her life changes forever

Ethan is suffering from a form of PTSD following being trapped in an avalanche when he was a teenager. When Chase, who rescued him, calls for help Ethan goes, hoping to pay off some of the debt he owes to Chase for saving his life and choosing Ethan over his best friend

It turns out that both Ethan and Claire are going to be working on the same refugee rescue boat. They agree that they won’t discuss their night together but both of them at still affected by it and working together isn’t easy for either of them with their desire running beneath the surface

Both Ethan and Claire we running away from something but will they stop running when a revelation changes both their lives?

While I enjoyed reading Ethan and Claire’s story I had times when I struggled to bond with them as characters. This book is centred around something that is on everyone’s mind, the refugee crisis, and shows some of the things that are being done to protect those who are so desperate to get away from their old lives that they would risk everything to get to safety

You know, the more I think about it, the more Ethan and Claire’s story lines up with the reasoning of those they are helping

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys their medical romance book with a sense of adventure and of helping people, of the main characters overcoming serious adversity to be together

AM 🐾 x

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