He’s a Brute: Tough Love (Book One) by Chloe Liese


Nairne used to be a professional football player until an injury changed her life, now she is in a wheelchair and has retrained as a Biomedical engineer at MIT also specialising in public health. As a result of this, she has made it to the board of a charity as a consultant

Zed is a bad boy, an English football player in Boston, unable to leave the city due to his mob connections and the subsequent retaliation to his family if he goes

Zed is horrified that Nairne is on his board as she hasn’t even graduated, although she is very smart. He is also unaware of her disability until a way into the story

Attraction blooms between them and they decide to give a relationship a go

However will his mob ties, her disability and the spectre of her leaving the states at the end of the school year due to rising medical bills prevent them from being together?

I enjoyed this book and it has a sexy side to it, however this played to its strengths and worked to bring the reader closer to the characters as well as the characters closer together

This book is fun to read and the fighting between Zed and Nairne drew me in and made me connect with them more. I also enjoyed the split between the characters voices being heard and telling the story

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sexy story with fight and bite!

AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, Hot and Sexy, romance

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