How to Train a Viscount by Bianca Blythe


Adam isn’t a viscount. He was living in the cape in Africa when he saw his boss murdered. The murderer was the local magistrate so Adam can’t report him, instead he flees on the boat to England the real viscount was meant to be on. Things are ok until they get to Brighton where it turns out that the captain works for the Duke of Belmonte who just happens to reside in Brighton… The capatain offers to take Adam to meet the duke and nothing Adam does can stop him!

Isla was jilted by her fiancé who married someone wholly unsuitable. She has decided to become a spinster and move to the seaside. Thing is, she isn’t the type for a quaint cottage in a remote town. She wants to live in Brighton

Isla gets invited to a ball where she realises that she is feared by the ladies of the town, she is too young and pretty to be a spinster, so is she there to steal their husbands and make trouble? Adam ends up at the same ball, feeling totally out of place and uncomfortable. He is taken by Isla’s beauty and speaks to her briefly before escaping out through the window!

Realising that he won’t easily be able to shed the lie of being a viscount, Adam needs help. He goes to Isla and asks her to train him in how to be a viscount, how to cope with the aristocracy, what he needs to do to blend in

Can Isla’s lessons teach him enough? Can Adam become confident enough to pull of being a viscount? Will they be able to get through his lessons without falling for each other?

I enjoyed this book, however although I understood why he had them, Adams insecurities started to annoy me. Isla was more worried about appearances and for a large part of the book it seemed that for her there was nothing more important than how she looked, how she presented herself. Once they developed more as characters I started to enjoy their story more. I will say that Isla’s list on what one must do to train a viscount did make me smile!

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a historical romance with a bit of a twist!

AM 🐾 x

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