When Polly Met Olly by Zoe May


Love love love

Polly is a photographer who dreams of hitting it big. Things aren’t working out at the moment though so she applies for a job at a high class New York dating agency and starts to work with Oreo addict Derek, her new boss
Derek sends Polly undercover as a mystery shopper to a rival agency to see what they have and he doesn’t. Polly gets interviewed by Olly, the owner of the dating agency and a cool fashionable guy, adored by those around him (think half a million Instagram followers)
They have an instant connection but can’t admit it to themselves, they are business rivals! 
They end up messaging each other on behalf of their clients, neither realising who they are messaging and form a strong bond which makes them want to meet the client who they are messaging. When they find out can they form a relationship? Can they trust each other and open up? 
I really enjoyed this book and found myself really routing for Polly to realise her dreams and becoming the person she could be instead of just being
I think I would have liked to see more from Olly’s point of view as that would have been really interesting and I really really want to know what happens next!
I would recommend this book to those who dream of love and enjoy the twists of a good story with people trying to follow their dreams and be who they can be
AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, love, romance

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