His Innocent Seduction by Clare Connelly


Millie is on the round the world trip she promised her dying mum she would do before settling down in Australia. Working in a bar in Dublin she meets Michael, a high flying barrister, and attraction flares.

Millie doesn’t want to be a 23 year old virgin anymore and she wants Michael to be her first lover. Shocked but thrilled by her proposal Michael agrees, but he has some conditions that she must follow

Their relationship burns hot and can it stop Millie leaving Dublin and going to Paris? Will it make other of them change their minds on love and being together forever?

I did enjoy this book and I really like the split of voices, Michael seemed like the dominant voice, the dominant narrator and for me that really worked. My brain likes to understand things from both sides and in this story I was, it also made it possible to see why the characters were doing what they were and to get closer to them.

Clare’s writing was skilful and she brought the characters off the page and like they were real people. I would have liked to see more of Michael and Millie when they weren’t in the bedroom and the ending felt a bit rushed but apart from that it was a good book

I would recommend this book to those who want to go on that once in a lifetime trip and follow their dreams no matter what

AM 🐾 x

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