An Heir for the World’s Richest Man by Maya Blake


Saffie wants out, she has been the executive assistant for the worlds richest man, Joao Oliviera, for four years but she dreams of a family, love and happiness which just isn’t happening in her job due to the amount of time she has to put in

Joao doesn’t want Saffie to leave, she is an amazing assistant who anticipates his needs and organises everything whilst coming up with brilliant ideas to win people over. He refuses to accept her letter of resignation and instead makes a deal with her that she will stay in his employ for 3 months to help him secure one of the biggest deals he has ever done and then if she hasn’t changed her mind she can go

There is one slight hitch to this plan as Saffie and Joao had one night together in Morocco and whilst working on the deal, Saffie discovers she is pregnant with his twins!

They both have emotional walls they have built up due to traumas in their pasts so can they break those down and realise that they need each other? Will Joao let Saffie go? Will they be willing to fight for a relationship that isn’t just custody of the twins?

I really liked the character of Saffie, she was smart and independent, knowing what she wanted and not letting her overpowering boss take her dreams away from her. Her thoughts and emotions came through in the story and made her appear more real. I did struggle with Joao at first, whilst I could understand what drove him, his focus on the deal and owning Saffie grated on my nerves a bit. He thought of her more as a cog in the wheel, an asset to his company rather than the person she is

The story follows through and it is possible to see the changes in behaviour in Saffie and Joao as they develop as characters and their relationship changes, especially following the pregnancy announcement. By the end I actually quite like Joao (even if I’m still not sure how to pronounce his name!) he is protective of Saffie and realises how much he needs her and what he would do to keep her in his life (from offering to triple her salary and more). Saffie’s focus on the babies is like any new mothers and she keeps their best interests at heart even when things become difficult

Maya deserves praise, it can’t have been easy writing this book but coming up with some of the events must have been fun, hiring a road bridge for a dinner party for example!

I would recommend this book to those who know what they want out of life and aren’t afraid to say it and do what they need to to follow their goals, also those who like a jet setting romance

AM 🐾 x

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