A Return, A Reunion, A Wedding by Annie O’Neil


Jayne blames herself for her sisters death, she decided that she would follow her sisters dreams to live their life to the full as much as she could. Thing is that is her sisters dream and not hers so when one of her patients dies following a heart transplant she had performed she decides she needs to get out of London and goes back to her home town near Oxford. She will be looking after her friend, Maggie, who is suffering from the start of pre eclampsia and needs full bed rest, her friend is the social centre and organiser of the village so as you can imagine she isn’t happy to have to stop!

GP for the village is Sam, Jayne was his fiancé until the accident that killed her sister, and she broke his heart when she left but now she is back. When Sam’s grandad, the villages other GP, breaks his wrist and twists his ankle he isn’t able to work for a few weeks so Jayne offers to assist but Sam is wary, can she be trusted or will she just run off again?

Sam and Jayne both still have very strong feelings for each other, but can Jayne forgive herself for her sisters death and move on or will it tear them apart again? Can Sam trust Jayne to stay around or will she leave again? Can either of them risk their hearts?

Based around a small village community I did enjoy this book, I could see a lot of the people mentioned, having grown up with their equivalent!

Jayne is a good friend to Maggie and looks after her the best she can, even looping in her colleagues from London to get as much information as possible to provide better care. She is also a good doctor who takes time to listen to patients and explain what is happening with respect but also comfort. I also found her incredibly self centred and a lot of her narrative was me, me, me, interspaced with oh what strong feelings I still have for Sam

Sam is a character who I respected as a doctor but who, like Jayne, was absorbed in the past and what had happened between them. He hadn’t gotten any closure, even though he thought he had so his narrative is also focused around his feelings for Jayne

Their obsession with their past made it harder for me to connect with the characters as it felt that they were a bit winey some of the time. I’m not sure if this is linked to my own feelings at the moment so this may be clouding my views and causing them to annoy me more than they otherwise might have. This also tells me that there is definitely a book out there by Annie O’Neil that is my dream book as I really enjoyed her writing style and all the characters around Sam and Jayne were perfectly created and came through as people

I would recommend this book to those who live or have lived in a small community, or know that community spirit, but who also know they have their forever person out their if they haven’t already met them!

AM 🐾 x

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