Island Fling with the Tycoon by Therese Beharrie


Fabulous and amazing!!

Piper has been in emotionally abusive situations her whole life and now she is free to be herself and won’t let anyone else control her or tell her what to do

Caleb has taken charge of his family since his dad died and all his siblings look up to him and at him to manage all the hard stuff for them. He takes control without seeming to think about it or realising he is, especially in his dealings with Piper

Pipers in Greece for he wedding of her brother and Caleb’s sister, Emma, thing is that her brother runs when he finds out his fiancée is pregnant a couple of days before their wedding. Piper and Caleb must locate him, find out if he still wants to marry Emma and bring him back in time for the wedding, leading to a chase across some of the Greek islands, an amazingly picturesque setting

Piper is strong and and determined, she has been hurt so badly in the past and it makes her much stronger as a person and the writing brings that out and makes her feel real. Understandably she wants and needs her independence and I could feel her panic when there is anyone who tries to do something for her, what will they want in return?

Caleb is used to getting everything he wants but he isn’t in charge with Piper which throws him off balance but also leads to a discovery for him as to why he does everything for his siblings and doesn’t like letting them make mistakes even though they were now adults. I could understand why he took charge, his parents had died when he was younger but I did have times when I could see him fighting himself when he got to know Piper better to allow her to make the decisions

There is a good split of narrative between Piper and Caleb which allows understanding of both of their characters. If that wasn’t there then I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much as I shouldn’t understand their motivations leading to an amazing read

I had read a book by Therese a while ago and wasn’t keen on it but I knew my perfect book by her was out there and I found it!! Her writing gripped me, pulled me in and kept me addicted, apart from forced breaks (train changes etc) I read it pretty much in one go

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read, taking you out of your everyday life and throwing you onto a Greek island, with amazing characters and a good plot

AM 🐾 x

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