A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss by Elisabeth Hobbes


Robbie and Rowenna are cousins who grew up together in Yorkshire. Both had been each other’s play mates and Robbie had rescued Rowenna on more than one occasion. However Robbie leaves to be a squire to a knight and Rowenna learns to be a lady

When they meet again in York Robbie believes himself in love with his Lord’s niece, Mary, and is set on winning her hand. Rowenna is delighted to see her cousin again although now her thought and feelings to him are more adult, she also wonders if he is infatuated with Mary instead of in love but this is a time of great change and they are about to get caught up in it

I adored Rowenna, she is so full of life, not a simpering boring wallflower, she knows what she wants and she wants Robbie.

Rowenna is the only person Robbie feels like he can be himself with, she doesn’t mock his stutter and she wants him to be happy, even if that means he is with Mary

Rowenna is the kind of character you dream of encountering and she is the kind of person I would love to be, she tries to steer Robbie away from making a mistake, she knows he won’t be happy with Mary, but she supports him when he needs it making her such a strong heroine. Although there were times I was getting annoyed with her!

Robbie, well I struggled with him a bit more, just because he was so obsessed with Mary even though it was obvious that Rowenna’s thoughts of infatuation might be correct. Robbie also struggled to identify his feelings and work out with which lady his affections lay

This is an amazingly well written book which covers a tough time in history, the peasants revolt, but doesn’t belittle it, instead making it a big part of the story and a way that they characters have to fight thorough, making the, realise things they they might not have otherwise realised

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written historical romance, with a strong heroine not happy to be left in a corner

AM 🐾 x

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