Healing the Single Dad’s Heart by Scarlet Wilson


Joe and his son Regan need to escape Scotland, his wife died 3 years ago and the past is everywhere he looks. His parents buy him and Regan plane tickets to Vietnam where Joe will be working as a doctor in a community hospital in Hanoi

He meets local doctor Lien, a Hanoi native, who grew up in one of the poorer areas. Lien has had people look down their noses at her because of where she came from and where her family still live, even though she would like for them to move!

Lien looks after Joe and Regan taking them to some of her favourite places in Vietnam, many of which I now want to visit as they were so fantastically described!

I liked Lien, her backstory made her feel more human and explained her motivations and how she behaved towards Joe, especially when he invited her to come to Scotland. He seemed to be oblivious to her feelings throughout most of the story however which made me really annoyed. He seemed to be quite self centered when it came to emotions and he doesn’t ask what is troubling her, it very much me, me, me. There were times when she felt more like an agony aunt that a doctor!

My favourite character is Regan, he accepts Lien for who she is, doesn’t care about her background and loves the stories of pirates and dragons that she tells instead of dads boring old usual ones. He misses his mum and Lien helps Joe to understand what might be affecting Regan and that his behavior is ok, Regan talks to stars because he thinks his mum is up there and that there is a special star for her

I’m not sure why but I struggled with this book, I did like the split of narrative (quite a favourite of mine if you have read my other reviews!) but something just didn’t gel in my head, maybe it was my annoyance with Joe!

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a medical romance in an interesting location or who wants to travel the world from their armchair (like me!)

AM 🐾 x

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