The Wicked Lord’s Mistress by Scarlett Jameson

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The Wicked Lord’s Mistress is set in the late Victorian period (1886) for fans of upstairs/downstairs dramas such as Downton Abbey and steamy romances. It explores the continuing love story between Lily, a lady’s maid at Torrington Hall, and a handsome, mysterious aristocratic hero called Lord Edgar Wilson.

Lily is surrounded by challenges from all sides. She is being blackmailed by the evil Mallkins, she has a secret past that she is trying to hide, and her forbidden love affair with Lord Wilson grows more risky every day. Can their lusty affair transform into the tender and lasting love that Lily craves? And given the differences in their class, is a happy ending possible for them?

Then a new enemy comes into Lily’s life, someone who is determined to destroy her. Lily finds herself facing the greatest challenge of her life, and hopes that Lord Wilson will be her hero.


My first thought when I opened this book and read the Authors note was oh dear, it told me that this book is part 2 of a series (not a standalone) and I didn’t realise… however there was a silver lining, there was a summary in the authors note telling me what had happened in the previous book (don’t read this one first if you are waiting to read the whole series!) which was a huge relief! I’m going to try not to give away any spoilers from the first book so some of this review may read a bit funny, apologies in advance

It highlighted some of the issues of the time with class differences, and the justice system being so very different as was Lily’s own personal situation which led her to where she is now

I did enjoy this book and the interaction between the 2 main characters was really good which helped to pull me in and become invested in the outcome and if there could be a future…

It’s also not one of the traditional historical romances but had some spice and some things that I wasn’t at all expecting in it!

Thanks to the summary I believe that this book does work well as a stand-alone, but I am waiting now for the next one to come out so I can see what happens next!

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a slightly unconventional historical romance with a bit of spice and intrigue mixed in

AM 🐾 x

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Scarlett Jameson works in publishing by day and by night enjoys writing steamy historical romances.

A lover of all things Victorian, she lives in London with her cat.

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