The Princess Plan by Julia London


Great fun!

I really enjoyed this book, the main character Eliza resonated so much with me, speaks your own mind, not so much into “company”, you know the fancy visitors etc! Eliza treated Sebastian like he wasn’t a prince and that was so refreshing, usually there’s a lot of bowing and sticking by society’s rules and she just doesn’t. I adored her and so wish I could be her!

Sebastian doesn’t know what has hit him when he meets Eliza, no one talks to him like that, he’s a crown prince for heavens sake! I struggled a bit more with Sebastian, especially at the beginning, he is so aware of who he is and everything is done according to that and he did frustrate me. However as the story progressed, I did find myself warming to him and by the end I was routing for him!

This book looks at the unconventional side of London society which is refreshing and it kept me turning the pages, I will admit to a bit of a binge read (it originally started whilst hiding from my cleaning lady and then I was hooked!)

I would recommend this book to those who don’t want the traditional historical romance but something more fun with its own amount of drama

AM 🐾 x

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