Coming home for Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne


Elizabeth suffered from severe postnatal depression and left her family believing it would be better for them, she was involved in a terrible car accident and ended up with a traumatic brain injury causing amnesia erasing who she was and her life as well as various other injuries. Even when the memories started to come back she thinks her family would be better off without her and that her husband has met someone else.

What she doesn’t realise is that the town all think her husband murdered her, now 7 years later Luke is here to bring her back to prevent his arrest on a murder charge thanks to a new DA. Once he learns her story he is more understanding of why she left but can he trust her now?

I really enjoyed this book, it took me a while to get into it but when I did it kept me reading, I didn’t realise how far I was through it until my kindle flashed up a low battery warning!

Elizabeth is portrayed sympathetically and I believe that a lot of research would have gone into traumatic brain injuries and the changes that they can cause to people which has come across really well and will hopefully help the reader to understand some of the difficulties some people may have to live with. It’s not a topic I have really seen in a book before but it really worked for Luke and Elizabeth’s story

I will admit that parts did make me cry a bit which doesn’t happen very often for me which I think reflects the emotions that come out through the pages to the reader.

This books isn’t your normal romance but I think that it stands out and will appeal to a variety of readers, all of whom I would recommend it to!

AM 🐾 x

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