Meant to Be Yours by Susan Mallery


Love love love!

Renee is a wedding planner in a town that has a major focus on weddings, it’s their main business. Jasper is a crime writer who needs help writing a love interest for his detective…

I loved Renee, she is independent and will fight for what is right, she won’t let Jasper push in or take over when he asks for her help by following her around

Jasper takes time to process what is going on but after a troubled start where I struggled a bit with him and how to relate to him I found him a loveable character, although I’m not going lie, it was a bit odd reading a book where the main character is writing a book in the book!

Their story grabbed me and sucked me in to the extent that I stayed up way later than I should on a work night to finish it. Bit of a spoiler alert here but there is a bit of sex near the beginning so I hope that the man I was sat next to on the train whilst reading it didn’t mind too much and wasn’t really offended when I skipped though a little bit to make my journey a bit easier 😳

Both Jasper and Renee had their difficulties and this book looks at how they may overcome them to become stronger people whilst not losing who they are

I would recommend this book to so many people, but especially those who enjoy a wedding and a story with a crazy twist I so wasn’t expecting!

AM 🐾 x

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