Christmas Baby for the Billionaire by Donna Alward


Tori is pregnant following a summer fling. Jeremy is the father bit he doesn’t know until he comes back to the hotel where Tori works and sees her

Tori could and did cope perfectly fine with her life and with her pregnancy, she doesn’t want anything from Jeremy but for him to decide if he wants to be part of their child’s life or not.

Jeremy is from New York, super rich and is so used to people wanting to be a part of his world because of the money that he has walls built about himself when he was a child but strengthened with age to protect himself from the hurt in the world

Tori on the other hand is a small town girl from Nova Scotia in Canada (I had to google it to check it definitely was Canada as the Proclaimers song, Letter from America was stuck in my head and that mentioned Nova Scotia!) who is more interested in people than things, her family may not have had a lot of money but they had a lot of love and this is what Tori wants to pass on to her baby.

I most identified with Tori in this book, it felt like we had similar experiences of family, where love is the most important thing and “stuff” is just a bonus but not the be all. This really came across on the book and was such a motivator to Tori that it had me routing for her and feeling that she must get what she wants and not to accept less for herself and the baby.

The writing style, whilst lighthearted, does make an impact on the reader and introduces tough topics that may otherwise have been quite hard to have in the story. This really helped my enjoyment of the story and pulled me in, although I think Tori was still my favourite!

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy stories when the characters must overcome differences, social and financial, but who also enjoy a strong heroine

AM 🐾 x

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