Their Christmas Royal Wedding by Nina Milne


Imagine if one day you woke up to find yourself a princess, that’s what happened to Gabriella, turns out she’s the daughter of a king! 
Thing is royal life isn’t quite the fairytale that she imagined and her world has changed so much from being the owner of a bookstore in Canada to an heir to the throne with a new family she didn’t know she had
Cesar is more the traditional prince whose family decides that he should marry Gabi for political reasons. Thing is Cesar doesn’t believe in love so this will be an entirely loveless practical marriage… 
I will admit I struggled a bit with gabi and Cesar as characters, their voices didn’t seem to fully match themselves as characters and everything is hidden behind a royal mask
Set around Christmas on an island that gets lots of snow it’s a really romantic setting and I think this is portrayed strongly and it is at these times, in more informal settings that gabi and Cesar come alive for me as characters. After a tobogganing race they became more loveable in my eyes! 
It also covered something that caught my attention, the level of intrusion, speculation and gossip in the press towards those in royal settings which I think is quite relevant at the moment 
I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a royal romance with a bit of snow and festive spirit 

AM 🐾 x

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