The Secrets of Lord Lynford by Bronwyn Scott


I enjoyed this book, it’s so different from the traditional regency romance and a total breath of fresh air
Set in Cornwall, Eliza is a mining heiress who is fiercely independent at a time when marrying will mean that everything she owns will be turned over to a husband she doesn’t want that so vows not to marry. Her shareholders however want to wrestle control from her especially as she is refusing a mining tunnel under the sea due to safety concerns 
Eaton was lovely, a charming character who was so unlike a dukes heir that it was hard to imagine him as such. He enjoys science, he believes in learning through doing and because he can’t have children he try’s to find other ways of creating a legacy, one of which is a music school
Whilst I like Eliza I did find her a bit annoying at times, mainly because of her independence stopping her from accepting help in any way apart from people who may not want the best from her 
The setting was amazing and the book gave me an insight into the mining trade which I didn’t have any understanding of previously and which intrigued me. Eliza being a manager in a male dominated world also showed how strong she is and that she doesn’t have to be alone
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a break from the traditional historical romance with strong characters who know what they want
AM 🐾 x

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