Jason’s Princess by Elise Manion


I absolutely adored this story, Jason has been in love with Julie since school but she hates him thanks to what he did to her ex 

However things may not be as simple as they seem and since Julie was left orphaned and caring for her teenage brother, Jason and his family have stepped into help however they could, both subtlety and not so subtlety
When Julie’s life is threatened Jason and his family would do anything to protect her
Jason is so loveable and so clearly would do anything for Julie and that made me smile but also dream that maybe someone might be that person for me
Julie I will admit to getting a little annoyed with at times but once she understands why things are happening and that they aren’t just for her sake but for her brothers as well things change and she becomes much nicer! 
The characters and the story are so well written that they practically jump off the page and this time into my heart. This is already on my list of books to go back to over and over again and as it’s part of a series I’m looking forward to reading the rest
I would recommend this book to whose who enjoy a true love story with drama and action that will keep you on your toes 

AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, love, romance

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