The Midwife’s Secret Child by Fiona McArthur


I found this book interesting with plenty of drama to keep the reader hooked and those who enjoy medical parts of the medical romance would love it! 
I liked Faith, she would do anything to protect her daughter Chloe and to me that is so important. Both actual family and the friends and colleagues that we make and that almost become family had a well deserved high profile in this book from Faiths side which made her feel even more human as was her determination to protect her daughter from the potential of her father just flitting in and out of her life as he seems almost intent on doing at the beginning 
Raimondo left Faith and Chloe before Chloe’s birth but now he’s back. There has been a lot of tragedy and heartbreak in his family and this is evident in the way he behaves and interacts with Chloe and Faith. I struggled to warm to Raimondo though as he came from a very rich family and it seemed like he didn’t think anything of spending a lot of money on Chloe which while nice is a bit excessive when I think time is more what she wants and needs
There was a good split of voices however I didn’t get as much insight into the characters thoughts and actions so this tempered my enjoyment a bit as I did struggle to bond with them even when the medical incidents pulled me in
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy medical romances and smaller community life with a story that flows and characters who will endear themselves to you

AM 🐾 x

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