The Tycoon’s Fake Fiancée by Leslie North


A charming novella that had me smiling and laughing in different measures throughout 
Gavin is an inventor with a big family who wants peace and solitude to be able to just sit and invent instead of being forced to work for the family tech firm
Sarah is a gardener but also had an affair with Gavin 3 years ago. They make a deal, she will design and bring his castles gardens back to life and she will pretend to be his fiancée to protect him from those society misses he hates
I loved how Gavin and Sarah’s relationship developed, they felt like genuine characters and people. Gavin has struggles with things I find difficult with like loud noises and crowds which endeared him to me. Sarah has her own challenges but I did warm to her as a person, everything she does especially near the beginning is motivated by family
The writing style drew me in and caught my attention and the split between their voices helped even more
I would recommend this book to those who dream of happy endings with characters with personalities but also with some spice thrown in
AM 🐾 x

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