Falling for Her French Tycoon by Rebecca Winters


I will admit, I went through stages with this book where i wasn’t sure I liked it but at the same time I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading… 
Nathalie decides to work on a vineyard as a grape picker to see if she can find the father of her dead stepsisters son
When she sees Dominic, he looks so like her nephew that she thinks he must be the father and the love of her stepsisters life. Thing is, she quite likes Dominic too! 
Dominic comes from an old and wealthy family who seem to have some very strange beliefs and actions. I did accept these however as they seemed to reflect some of the other upper class ideals that I had seen elsewhere. I did like Dominic, he escaped the family and is only back due to his father being ill. He is independent but also knows what he wants, he also realises early on that Nathalie is hiding something but he doesn’t know what
Nathalie I found harder work at times, she is so incredibly undecided and whilst I understand why it didn’t stop me from being annoyed with her. She does however have her good points and she did have times when I loved her as a character
Set in the south of France, this book introduced me to something I didn’t know much about, the process of winemaking
I would recommend this book to those who want a more traditional love story (no explicit descriptions etc) with a strong sense of family and what is right in a fabulous setting
AM 🐾 x

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