The Scandal of the Season by Annie Burrows


Oh my gosh, words can’t describe how much I loved this book! 
Nathaniel believed the worst of Cassy, his sister told him that she had swindled her fiancée out of a lot of money and forced the sister of the fiancée out of London. He confronts Cassy in a London ballroom and challenges her about what she has done, saying he will ruin her if she tried to get another suitor
Cassy has no idea what he is talking about, yes she was involved in a scandal, but not something that should result in something like this. 
I loved Cassy and Nathaniel as characters, they were so real and jumped off the page as did the supporting characters around them. Their fights made them seem more even more real and pulled me further into the spell of their world. 
This book is so different to some romances set in the same era, not everything is as it seems and throughout there were surprises and the reader will be compelled to find out what happens next. It was also the first time I had read about a solider from another time experiencing PTSD and it was skilfully woven into the story and handled sensitively although this book may not be for you if you suffer from PTSD as there are areas where it could cause triggers 
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical romances with twists and turns

AM 🐾 x

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