Reunited by the Tycoon’s Twins by Ellie Darkins


This book is brilliant, fabulous and amazing!! 
Maddie is full of insecurities, she is beautiful and self conscious about it as it seems that that is all people see, they don’t go deeper to know her. Having been made redundant she is now jobless and homeless and her brother suggests her being Finns temporary live in nanny
Finn knee Maddie from their childhood and he spent a lot of time with her family when he was younger. He has recently divorced his wife and is now the single parent of their twins as she is overseas in aid work. Finn grew up in poverty and the divorce triggered all his fears that he may end up back there
I adored both Maddie and Finn, they were both fabulous characters who I fell in love with and who became even more loveable as their characters and stories developed, the twins were pretty cute too and the issues they have will resonate with many parents who have had sleepless nights! 
I would recommend this amazing book to so many people but especially those who enjoy stories with huge character development and realisation of who they could be
AM 🐾 x

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