Her Billionaire Protector by Nina Singh


This book caught my attention right from the beginning. 
Ani is a brilliant pianist and is about to set out on her first tour but there is a problem, she has been getting strange emails from a stalker and her family is freaking out. They decide to hire her a bodyguard and the person they chose is her brothers friend and her crush from school, Adam 
I loved Ani as a character, she has class, elegance and an amazing talent but she is also incredibly insecure which makes her human and feeling so real she jumped off the page
I struggled a lot more with Adam, he is so determined that he knows what is best and right and doesn’t seem to have much flex which annoyed me. The more I learned about his backstory the more I became to like him but then he would do something that put me back a bit. By the end though I did like him and ended up on his side a few times!
This is a well written story with a few surprise twists and turns and no explicit details which I know appeal to some readers but also which fitted perfectly with this story 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a love story with a difference and a heroine who you will love 
AM 🐾 x

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