Risking Her Heart on the Single Dad by Annie O’Neil


This story is about self discovery, self worth and what’s important in life 
Kirri is a neonatal surgeon born without a womb who wants to dedicate her life to helping create an artificial womb that would be an extremely advanced incubator and support premature babies and mothers unable to carry their babies to term
Ty is the neonatal surgeon who invited Kirri to come over and use his research lab to further develop her artificial womb. He is also a widowed father with a young daughter who he wants to protect at all costs and he doesn’t want to spoil his memories with his wife Gemma. 
I loved the interactions between Kirri and Ty and it was great to see how they developed as characters. You could feel them grow as people and for Kirri, understand that not all families are like hers
There is a lot of medical detail in this book so i would recommend it to people who enjoy medical focused romance with a glimpse into how medical research is done. Also those who enjoy huge character development and self discovery
AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, love, medical, Medical romance, Mills and Boon, romance

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