Le Tour de Love by Lilac Mills


This book catapulted me into a world I didn’t know anything about, the world of professional cycling, and pulled me in wanting to know more 
Molly is a physio who meets cyclist Alex whilst helping him to get strength back into his recently healed broken wrist so he can go to the Tour de France. Alex likes Molly and wants her to come with him as the team physio, what follows is their story
This book is written exclusively from Mollys point of view and I will be honest, at times I really struggled with her as a character. She could be quite self absorbed and not really aware of what she is doing and the effect it has on those around her. At the same time however, she has huge care for her patients and goes above and beyond for them. By the end I found that actually I quite liked her! 
Because the story is all from Mollys perspective it was harder to get to know Alex, but he would break the rules to spend time with her whist still being dedicated to his riding which made him a lovely character and he had many times where he was adorable! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with a sporting twist and amazing scenery as well as a chance to learn about the Tour de France from the other side! 
AM 🐾 x

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