To Dance in the Glen by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple


A fabulous story that had me gripped and panicking that my kindle would run out of battery before I could finish it!
This story is set in the Scottish highlands in 1306 and looks at the clans, how they rule and their battles with the English as well as the move into Catholicism
Ewan is the heir to the Laird and is a bit of a playboy but when he meets Meg, the daughter of one of his tenants, things change. It doesn’t matter who he is, she stands up to him and challenges him 
I loved Meg as a character, she was a strong woman who new her place in the world but when she is picked up and put in the Manor House she accepts it and does her best to blend in. Changing her plain room with flowers and understanding the importance of herbs and flowers, Meg is kind of person who I would want to be 
Ewan is meant to marry well and continue the line, but his father married for love and he wants to do the same. Ewan is honourable and would do anything to protect what is his whilst doing his best to lead the clan when his father dies; in essence the perfect Scottish hero!
This book is absorbing, engaging and captured my attention completely. The writing style drew me in and the story wouldn’t let me go, I had to finish it!
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy highland romances with loads of drama and amazing characters who feel like they are going to jump off the page 
AM 🐾 x

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