Dangerous by Sara Cate


A fabulous read that had me hooked 
Both Murph and Savannah are damaged, hiding from their pasts but they are pulled together by Hazel, Murphs foster aunt, and the lady who Savannah is a companion to and who is dying of cancer 
Savannah is hiding from her abusive ex boyfriend and doesn’t want people to know who she really is. She is vulnerable but also incredibly relatable to, we all have that part of ourselves that we hide away from and that we have to pretend to the rest of the world that everything is fine
Murph is a tattoo artist with a motorcycle and a hint of danger. He is also very closed off emotionally and isn’t good expressing his feelings verbally. 
Hazel forces them together in the last months of her life and seeing them both develop from a sex only fling to characters with deeper emotions that they were able to acknowledge felt real and worked perfectly with the characters themselves 
I would recommend this book to those who like hot and steamy romances with a more serious undercurrent and characters who will catch your attention 

AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, Hot and Sexy, love, romance

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