Chaos and The Geek by Elizabeth Stevens


This book had an intriguing story that made me curious and kept me reading
Amber walked in on her best friend and her boyfriend having sex and she realised that she needed to get out of there fast. She packs a bag and runs, it’s raining out though so the kind doorman from one of the poshest hotels/apartment buildings offers her towels and a coffee so she can phone her brother to come get her 
Turns out however that her brothers best friend Kit (Chaos, army nickname) lives in the building and is meeting her brother. Kit invites Amber to stay in his huge apartment so she is safe and can study for her degree in peace whilst also being safe 
Amber always liked Kit but it made her awkward around him and he always believed that she hated him. 
I liked Kit as a character, and although I struggled with him at times, he then did something to redeem himself! It is clear that he wants to look after Amber and that came across really well
Amber on the other hand did annoy me a bit but I also did like her. She wears glasses and studies making people think of her as a geek (although she is also a gamer so maybe…) 
Kit and Ambers story had times where it made me smile and times I wanted to bury my head in my hands with a seriously why!!!
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a forbidden enemies to lovers romance with charming characters and a backstory that catch your attention
AM 🐾 x

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