His Runaway Lady by Joanna Johnson


Fabulous, brilliant and amazing! I totally adored this book and I’m not sure I have the words to describe it but I will try
Sophia ran away from an arranged marriage to an abusive man who put his previous wife into an insane asylum. While she flees she is spotted by her stepfathers bookkeeper and leaps out the carriage and runs. She lands in a wood but gets injured in her flee through making her pass out in pain. She comes to with the wet nose of a dog on her hand, the dogs owner is half Roma blacksmith Fell. He takes Sophia in and offers her shelter until she heals
Sophia has had a troubled childhood and believes herself useless, stupid and not worthy of anyone and especially not love. Whilst with Fell she develops hugely into a much more confident character and she becomes more loveable 
I adored Fell, he is strong and independent however his life is blighted by the fact he was illegitimate. Even so, he takes Sophia in and looks after her, even agreeing to her crazy proposal so he can have a family of his own who love him unconditionally 
Both think that they aren’t worthy or each other and this makes them feel so human, they face the insecurities many people face. Both leapt off the page and are characters that I loved and whose story I desperately didn’t want to end. It’s so well written and absorbing that the only thing that stopped me reading it all in one go was the fact that I was too tired to see straight and I didn’t want to miss anything
This book will be going on my happy stories to read again and again!
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance against all the odds, with amazing characters who are so alive and who will jump out of the pages and into your heart 
AM 🐾 x

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