A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him by Dani Collins


This book was a story about characters understanding themselves and developing as people 

Valentino (Val) and Kiara spent a night together 3 years ago and Kiara ended up pregnant. Now following the death of his father they are about to be thrown back together again 
Kiara is an artist, it’s what first brought them together, her sketching Val, and that art is a huge part of her personality comes through really strongly. That she struggles when she can’t paint and create is so strong and something I’m sure many artists feel. The only thing that distracted her before Val came back into her life was her daughter, Aurelia 
Val is a first born but illegitimate son, but whose father always compared him to his legitimate brother. Thanks to his upbringing he has a distorted view of people and their motivations; love isn’t something he believes in. He had however never forgotten his night with Kiara and it is through her and Aurelia that he learns that things may be different 
Character development is a huge part of this book and their internal dilemmas sometimes are so loud that parts of the story get drowned out. The themes of art, Aurelia and sex seem to be the key to understanding the characters and their story
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a book with huge character development, and a self assured hero who gets a shock when he meets his daughter! 
AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, love, Mills and Boon, Modern, romance

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