Bench Player by Julianna Keyes


Connor was put in prison for insider trading but now he’s out and he wants to continue in the career he had before he went inside, as a Major League Baseball player. He needs to change and reform, win his way back into peoples hearts and the person to do that is the head of PR at his old team, Allison 
I liked Allison as a character, she had 2 sides, her scary work personality and a softer side that loves her grandfather and would do anything for him, even being unable to sell his home after she inherited it when we went into a nursing home. This all made Allison feel very real and human and you could feel her dedication and determination run through everything she did 
Connor had only one goal, getting fit enough to be invited to spring training and that is his only focus. He needs Allison to help him understand that he needs to win people back over to get his dream. Because he is so obsessed with getting back I struggled a bit more with him as a character. 
I think that because I know nothing about baseball that I didn’t understand everything that Connor did which coloured my opinion a bit and made it harder for me to feel emotionally involved and able to connect with the characters 
I would recommend this book to those who have a basic knowledge of baseball and who enjoy a romance with twists, trouble and secrets 
AM 🐾 x

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