Shades of Raven by Tamara Hart Henner


You know when you first start reading a book and you know you’ll love it, this happened to me with this book and I was instantly hooked
Amber is a wedding planner who is looking for a promotion and she is working at a hotel when she meets hotel manager Tyson. They start a romance but Amber has a secret, she has a daughter called Raven who she doesn’t want to introduce to Tyson in case she scares him off or if they get attached and then he leaves like Ravens father did 
Amber is a fantastic mum and everything she does she puts Raven first but she can’t deny her feelings for Tyson
I absolutely loved Tyson as a character, he so clearly adores Amber right from the beginning and all he wants is to make her happy. He leaps off the page and feels so human, he is insecure and vulnerable but is also strong and determined
Although there isn’t loads of drama this book still caught my attention and pulled me in. The setting works perfectly and Amber and Tyson work so well as a couple, both personally but they also if they team up professionally
I would recommend this book to so many people but especially those who enjoy reading more traditional romances with characters who you will adore
AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, love, romance

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