Under The Wig: A Lawyers Stories of Murder, Guilt and Innocence by William Clegg QC


This book is so different to my normal reads but I was gripped and unable to put it down! 
A biography of his life at court and as a barrister right from the first up to now, William Clegg QC draws the reader in and introduces them to the legal world in a way that won’t totally confuse the reader!
This book features many cases that he has defended over the years including Colin Stagg for the Rachel Nickell murder and Robert Napper for the murder of Samantha Bisset, the murder of Jill Dando, the Chillenden murders and so many other cases including war crimes and the phone hacking scandal (so some that I at least had heard of!)
Seeing how he progresses up the ladder during his career is so well written and full of anecdotes that it’s sometimes hard to remember that you are reading a factual book and not fiction! 
I particularly loved one passage “the trial judge … wore a red bobble hat throughout the visit … and there were some discussions about what it could be called. Someone described it as being like Noddys hat and I remember … saying “you can’t say the judge was wearing a Noddy hat, he will have you up for contempt!”” This is the kind of anecdote that works so well and engages the reader in a subject that might have been hard to do with another author
I would recommend this book to those who have an interest in crime and the criminal justice system but also to those who enjoy a really well written biography which will draw you in
AM 🐾 x

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