Fighting for the Trauma Doc’s Heart by Rachel Dove


A well written book that looks at the difficulties that people can face
Michelle and Jacob are trauma doctors both vying to be the head of the new trauma centre but both have their own secrets. Michelle is battling PTSD as a result of her overseas tours and Jacob has an autistic daughter that he needs to protect 
I loved both Michelle and Jacob and their stories work so well together. He is the one who gets her to even consider therapy and she is the person who he isn’t sure he can live without (blurb extract not a spoiler!) 
They are both so human and well written that you can feel the leaping off the page and you can see the intensity and drama that is the backdrop to their story. They both, but especially Michelle, develop so much in the story and the issue of mental health isn’t hidden but is instead treated respectfully and in an honest manner which I liked 
Set in a busy trauma centre in Surrey the medical details flow and work so well but may not always be suitable if you don’t like a lot of detail in what has happened to people (uk readers think 24 hours in A&E)
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a well written medical romance with lots of drama and characters who are so real
AM 🐾 x

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