The Maid’s Best Kept Secret by Abby Green


Maggie is a chef who is currently working as a housekeeper, a position her mother held until her death and Maggie was covering until a new person was appointed. The owner of the house was the incredibly rich Nikos but he had never visited until one fateful night 
I liked Maggie as a character, she’s strong and independent. She coped with every challenge thrown her way including a very unexpected baby! Everything she does is about protecting her son, making sure that he is safe, happy and most importantly loved
Nikos on the other hand was from a broken and very dysfunctional family and wasn’t sure what to make of his son especially at first. As the story develops the reader sees below his shell and he becomes much more likeable and it’s possible to understand more about what drives and motivates him
This book is more about people and character development rather than the background of where the story is set with them jet setting round Europe for a mixed honeymoon and business tour. Seeing how they change overtime made this a book that I enjoyed. It also reminded people that no matter how successful a person is they are still human and aren’t that different to everyone else! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a book with huge character development and a really cute baby
AM 🐾 x

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